Online music streaming with YouTube using YMusic

Before you begin to ask the question “There’s YouTube Red and YouTube Music for that”, let me expand further upon the title. Yes – YouTube have acknowledged the existence of “YouTube as an online music streaming media” idea, however, both YouTube Red and YouTube Music (which by itself relies on YouTube Red) has yet to roll out globally. This means that unless you live in places where YouTube Red is officially available, you won’t get any of the luxury of having a YouTube Red account.

Of course, thanks to the magic of third-party apps, there’ll always be alternative ways of having the same feature. In this case, we’ll be taking a look at YMusic, an app solely made to transform YouTube into a fully working online music streaming service which also doubles as a local music player and an app that can download audio straight from YouTube.

YMusic interface is fancy, most of its code is based around another open source music player with the name of Jockey. Do note that YMusic isn’t copying Jockey, but it merely adds another layer of interface for the whole YouTube music streaming business.

Unlike Yalp Store, which we peeked at on our previous post, YMusic interface feels solid and is actually somewhat usable. Granted, the reason Yalp Store picked a rather unpolished interface was due to the concern that using the newer Material Design language will make Yalp Store simply unusable on older and more outdated version of Android.

The audio playback from YouTube works as expected, because the app only streams the audio of the video, you are going to save some of those precious mobile data balance should you be using the app to stream music outside the reach of WiFi. Additionally, the app can play all this in the background, making the whole experience feels like I’m using an actual music streaming service.

You’re not restricted to playing the content on the cloud either, the audio files you have on your phone should also be recognised as well. Another plus here is that YMusic can also download audio files from YouTube to your local storage.

Because YouTube is a bit more lax compared to Google Play Store, you won’t get all sorts of warning for using YMusic. You can use YMusic without tying it to any account on your phone and it will still work fine, making it a nice alternative for a device without Google Apps.

For those still in tune, you can download YMusic through download site provided by the developer, or through XDA Labs. It is also available on iOS, but I haven’t personally tested the iOS version of the app, so I’ll leave it up to those that is interested to test it out. The app can check updates by itself so you don’t need to manually bookmark those links if you want to check for an update.


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